We Are BeachBoard Nation

Join Us!

We Are BeachBoard Nation

Join Us!

The BeachBoard is so much more than a revolutionary vehicle.

It’s a movement.

BeachBoard Nation is committed to living life to its fullest and turning each day into a mini-adventure.
It doesn’t matter how you use your BeachBoard as long as you’re riding it. Just climbing aboard is inviting a new experience.

We’re also united in our compassion for our fellow beachgoers and our desire to keep our beaches and oceans clean.
If the BeachBoard is a glimpse into the future, we want to make sure a big part of its inspiration—our beaches—is preserved
for as long as we have a say about it.

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So, how do you join BeachBoard Nation?

It’s simple. Share your adventures on Instagram with the tagline, #BeachBoardNation. And become an email subscriber to receive exclusive offers and the first word about pop-up BeachBoard events.

Email subscribers get all the perks!

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Find out where you can Surf the Sand!
What beaches offer rentals.
What events are coming up, and more!

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